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our story  N+A is a strategic creative agency located in Atlanta, GA. We have a smart, nimble team of culture junkies who specialize in all things branding, creative and design. We joyfully embrace all design challenges in all mediums, from analog to digital, paper to pixels. And we pride ourselves on delivering the strategic thinking and design capabilities of a big agency, with the agility and unremitting attention of a boutique.

The N+A story began with an ending. After the global agency we called home closed their satellite office, we struck out on our own, relocating from New York to Atlanta. Our brave and supportive clients took a chance on us, entrusting our upstart shop with their global brand. That was 12 years ago. Everyday since we’ve repaid their trust with a tireless commitment to great work and a wellspring of extraordinary ideas.

Joselyn Northrop

Founder + Creative Director

Mike Hodgdon

Account Director + Business Development

Tamara Derosia

Associate Creative Director

Ellen Westing

Art Director

Cali Howerton

Art Director

Kate Sonnick


WHAT WE CREATE  Big Ideas + Brand Messaging and Design + Advertising + Visual Identity Design + Print Design + Web and Digital Design + Video Direction + Production + Photography Art Direction + Set Direction and Design + Social Media + Content Creation + Objects + Branded Interiors, Showrooms and Exhibits + Creative Consulting + Creating Brands With A Cult Following

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#Peerlove  We learned a long time ago that happy clients are the best reward for all our hard work. Still, a little trophy glint never hurt anyone. Shiny begets shiny. Honored projects include digital campaigns, print, showroom space and motion picture.